PG Diploma Center Course in Noida

PG Diploma Courses

  1. Dermatology
  2. Diploma in Dermatology is a 2 year career-oriented course that deals with the issues and treatments related to skin, scalp, hair, and nails. A candidate after MBBS and one year of compulsory internship can apply for a diploma in dermatology

  3. Forensic Science
  4. PG Diploma in Forensic Science focuses on the study of human biology and investigation of crime scientifically. Diploma in Criminology deals with the study of criminal behavior, crime prevention methods, rate of crime and working of the criminal justice system.

  5. Banking & Finance
  6. Diploma in Banking and Finance is a specialised course that trains students to become future banking and finance professionals. This course provides operational training, managerial and technical skills to the students that want to work in the banking or financial sectors

  7. Ultrasound Technology
  8. This program is intended for all allopatic doctors who wish to perform ultrasonography for diagnostic & therapeutic purpose to help patients arrive at diagnosis and start treatment.

  9. Industrial Safety & Fire Management
  10. PG Diploma in Industrial Safety is an year long Diploma Course which meets the statutory requirements as prescribed in 1948 Factory Act, thereby making an individual competent to be employed as an industrial safety officer or a Industrial Safety Engineer

  11. Health care & Service
  12. PGDM in Healthcare Management is designed to cover the courses ranging from providing domain knowledge of the healthcare system in India, core management functions to the current practices and advancements in healthcare management through competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage the healthcare ...

  13. Agricultural Biotechnology
  14. Biotechnology feeds the world by generating higher crop yields with fewer inputs, lowering volumes of agricultural chemicals required by crops-limiting the run-off of these products into the environment, using biotech crops that need fewer applications of pesticides and that allow farmers to reduce tilling farmland,

  15. Enzyme Engeenering
  16. Enzyme engineering can supply powerful tools for production of new highly efficient catalysts. This chapter has described the strategies and construction of new class I aldolase variants that were generated following a semi-rational saturation mutagenesis of the fructose 6-phosphate aldolase (FSA) active site

  17. Medical Biotechnology
  18. PG DIPLOMA IN BIOTECHNOLOGY is Diploma level Biotechnology program. PG Diploma program in Biotechnology will furnish understudies with an adequately expansive scope of both central standards and imaginative practices in the subject to have the option to apply their insight capably in the important businesses.

  19. Taxation
  20. Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation is a two-year postgraduate diploma course in which students learn about income tax and its related concepts. It imparts basic knowledge of the major technical, conceptual, and research issues in tax and taxation, and provides training in the practical and procedural aspects of taxation.

  21. Industrial Psychology
  22. Industrial Psychology is the study of people at work and is concerned with the entire spectrum of human beings. Its scope is the entire process of management dealing with people at work.

  23. Psychology & Counselling
  24. PGD in Counselling is a 1-year full-time diploma course that deals with understanding the psychological principles and therapeutic techniques which are required during the counselling process of a person.

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