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Industry Cloud Platforms Will Transform the Next Decade of Cloud Services

Industry Cloud Platforms Will Transform the Next Decade of Cloud Services

Vertical cloud platforms combine software, platform, and infrastructure as a service characteristic to create industry-specific solutions. These industry solutions are mainly based on public cloud services, but they provide industry players with a more agile way to manage workloads and accelerate change in response to their segment's specific business, data, regulatory, or other needs. Industry cloud platforms add value to organizations by combining typically individually acquired cloud services in a pre-integrated yet configurable manner. Industry clouds provide not only technical but also business capabilities that are tailored to certain vertical sectors. Leaders in this field will use composable ways to build modular and maintainable industrial clouds.

Industry cloud platforms convert a cloud platform into a business platform, allowing an existing technological innovation tool to also be used for business innovation. These new solutions are more adaptable than software-as-a-service applications, have more business functionalities than infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service clouds, and are more innovative than single-industry solutions. Unlike community clouds such as AWS GovCloud, industrial clouds are not duplicate or split-off versions that must be maintained independently; instead, they provide customers with the entire range of industry-relevant features of the underlying platform.

  • Industry cloud platforms integrate regular cloud services with industry-specific features to meet previously difficult-to-address vertical concerns.
  • Organizations are turning to industry cloud platforms to reduce time to value and capitalize on cross-industry innovations.

Industry cloud platforms bring value by leveraging cutting-edge supporting technologies and techniques, such as an integrated data fabric, a marketplace with bundled business capabilities, and composability tooling, to give companies the agility they need to adapt to fast change.