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Why EECP Therapy is Recommended for Heart Patients by doctors in Noida?

Why EECP Therapy is Recommended for Heart Patients by doctors in Noida?

Patients with coronary artery disease or angina who have had many surgical procedures in the past, are contraindicated from having surgery (bypass, angioplasty, etc.), or have refused surgery in the past may be advised to have EECP therapy. It is a way to encourage collaterals to develop or open up to circumvent blocked or restricted arteries naturally. The blood arteries in the lower limbs expand with each compression, increasing the blood supply to the heart while it is relaxing. Pressure is released as the heart beats or contracts, which reduces resistance in the blood arteries in the legs. EECP Therapy Centres in Noida use ECG and blood pressure sensors, inflation, and deflation are electrically timed with the pulse and blood pressure.

How EECP therapy is done?

EECP Therapy Centres in Noida basically use three levels of external inflatable cuffs put around the buttocks, upper legs, and lower legs to deliver the treatment. These cuffs continually expand and contract during the heartbeat's resting phase to enhance blood flow back to the heart. The fundamental idea behind EECP therapy is to increase the volume of blood returning to the heart, which aids in providing more oxygen to its depleted regions. More oxygen is readily accessible, which allows the heart to work much more effectively and lessen chest discomfort.

  • The cuffs consecutively inflate throughout the diastole portion of your heartbeat to boost the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart muscle.
  • The cuffs deflate during the systole phase of your heartbeat, promoting cardiac unloading.
  • EECP enhances blood flow to the heart while also encouraging the opening and development of collaterals, which are tiny blood artery branches that surround the heart and function as a natural bypass for congested or clogged arteries. Daily EECP treatments are given to patients.

In what ways does EECP support the development of collateral vessels?

  • More Intake of Oxygen

The heart requires oxygen to operate correctly, and when conditions like clogged arteries prevent oxygenated blood from returning to the heart, it can cause symptoms like exhaustion, shortness of breath, and chest discomfort. The accompanying image has dark spots that represent obstructed arteries.

  • Formation of New Vessels

Collateral recruitment, which refers to the enlargement and formation of new tiny blood capillaries in the heart muscle, is one of the key effects of Flow Therapy. All parts of the heart receive healthier, more oxygenated blood thanks to these new arteries. the wavy lines forming is a sign of new collateral vessels developing.

  • Natural Bypass development

To restore blood flow, alleviate heart disease symptoms, and provide more oxygenated blood to the heart, these tiny collateral blood veins form "natural bypasses" around constrictions or obstructions in the arteries.

What are the benefits of EECP treatment?

  • Reduce Angina
  • Boost your energy and endurance.
  • Increasing blood circulation.
  • Enhance your rest and sleep.
  • Return to Regular Healthy Habits
  • Reduce intake of medicines